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As in the Igbo culture, the women had no power or respect, despite the importance ole of the women when it came to the family, they were still not afforded respect or power. Okonkwo had to do as every man in the tribe had to do beat his wives for not listening, or obeying to them. Ojiugo and Ekwefi had no indication that they will do their chores or go away for any such reason. Ojiugo didnt have to go braid her and leave Okonkwo starving to death, she had to cook for him and do the rest of chores that she was given to do so and then if she has the time she can go and braid her hair.

Ekwefi didn’t have to ake a fuss of Okonkwo not being a good hunter. They deserved to be beaten because oftheir disrespect towards the best man in the clan. Next thing, Okonkwo didn’t disrespect NO IGBO LIFE in any place during The Week Of Peace or The Feast Of The New Yams. He was just obeying the goddess of the land, Ani, and doing as any men in the tribe would beat his wives for the absence of not doing their perspective jobs. Okonkwo was just revealing his manliness and showing how high he stands as a man.

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Unoka seen as a failure in the eyes of Okonkwo and a debtor to the eyes of moufia, this is what Okonkwo was disappointed at his father and yet today Okonkwo is a wealthy man and strong man and wrestler who has two titles and seen as a fearless warrior to the eyes of Umoufia. We cannot blame a man for trying to make a name for himself especially when he does not want to become a failure like his father. A man is not judged by the way he looks but by the way he goes into action or takes it into his own hands. Presently he has three wives and seven children he is a happy man but has an arrogant attitude towards useless men.

Nwoye the son Okonkwo and son of Okonkwo’s first wife is showing feelings and womanly appearances. In Umoufia a boy must learn how to work, and take care of himself and then later procreate. Okonkwo is merely trying to raise him to be a man like himself but there is too much of his mother in him meaning that he can or maybe turn into something that Okonkwo refuses him to be.

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