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When it comes to effective modern learning strategies, nothing could compare to the wonders of computer technology. I could attest very well to this. I was born and raised in a suburb that basically has more animals than people, so the idea of going to school, getting good grades and a diploma and all that seems like such a distant thing. But I heard about it from Hyacinth, my cousin who hails from New York, and she’s an MBA from one of the finest Universities in the city. She would tell me about the wonders of going to school, about meeting classmates and teachers, and yes, of encountering technologies. The only piece of technology I knew then as that huge machine we use to grind wheat and barley. Hyacinth gave me a scholarship and took me with her to New York, where I studied from grade school to high school. Then, I got a job as a sales clerk in a fastfood outlet and supported myself to college. After four years, I was able to finish my bachelor’s degree in education, majoring in computer technology. This began my passion for information technology.

Information technology for me is not only the key to advancement. It is advancement. We are currently in the information era–the period in time when knowledge is power. If you have knowledge, you get influence. With the knowledge that you have, you get respect. With that respect, you get opportunities. When you have opportunities, you get a job. When you get a job, you get money. And then, you have the option to use it to help others advance themselves. Now what better way to spread knowledge and empower the people than through information technology.

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When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I headed off to an international school and got a job as a software developer and teacher. As a software developer, I was able to manage our school’s website and cause it to win the local Most Wanted Web Awards last 2004. As a teacher, I was able to coach my students all throughout learning not just the benefits of computers but also the benefits of mankind to computers. Basically, my principle is that you should not let gadgets control you; instead, you should control the gadget. That is what I call real power. I believe this is the principle that caused such a revolution in my classes–for the past three years that I taught, some 30 to 40 percent of the graduates every year sought a career in information technology. And, they would always come back to the school and commend me for having inspired them to be the driving force behind the industry of information technology.

Now, as I proceed to take an MBA in information technology management with the aid of the school in which I served for the past three years, my goal is to lead our school’s information technology team with zeal and expertise. I believe I can achieve all of this and acquire all the skills I need through the MBA. With all my experience and capabilities, I am assured that I have what it takes to be the right candidate for this program.

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