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He is self-employed and he is in his mid-fifty’s and we always consented to him for prayers and also help resolving family dispute between me and my wife as he is a spiritual healer. He has been part f my family for the past ten to fifteen years now.

And he played a great part in meeting my wife as he was the mediator between me and my wife when we first started talking. We have a very amicable relationship with him and we trusted him with even our most secret information about our family matters and he is always there for us if we need financially. The second person that interviewed was some stranger that I met at one f Fed Office locations in Washington, DC Northwest and he is MR. Newton Willis-All.

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He is in his mid-thirsty, single dad with two kids and paying child support. MR. Willis-All is living pay check to pay check, I saw his a few times in this location on two occasions so I thought could talk to him about my unit 4 assignment and he was very friendly and when I requested his time he was very happy to give his views about the topic.

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