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In this study, I have identified a leader back in my ain state, India. He is a really good friend of mine. I interviewed him telephonically and after about one hr of conversation, I received really good consequences and replies from him. Hopefully, I can change over and follow those qualities in my attitude.

I interwied Mr. Ravinder Bishnoi who is a leader semen proprietor of two franchises of stocks. So, literally, he is a stockist at two stores which are biggest in the metropolis. Ravinder has stock of medical specialties and those medical specialties are from top companies of India like Cipla, Ranbaxy etc.

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Mr. Ravinder found his involvement in concern when he was 16 old ages old due to his male parent ‘s involvement in concern intelligence and maintaining himself up to day of the month. Then, due to his involvement, he completed unmarried man in concern direction and now he has commiseration good cognition to run these two franchises efficaciously.

From my selected inquiries and harmonizing to demand of given assignment, I found out following information about this leader.

A. Leadership Concepts
Behaviors: – Harmonizing to my interview conducted and my past life spent with this human being, I figured out that he has following behaviour qualities in himself and these are: –

He is pity amusing cat.

He used to being nice and to the point all the times.

He gives values to other ‘s point of positions and thoughts.

And sometimes, he behaves politically every bit good.

He behaves harmonizing to state of affairs.

Traits: – Again, as I interviewed him, I figured out that he has many traits and besides these traits are of import to hold as a leader.







Skills: – As figured out, Mr. Ravinder has some particular accomplishment which I ne’er seen in anyone, I know. Some of the accomplishments, I got to cognize through the interview, I conducted. So, accomplishments that Ravinder has, are: –

He used to vision out jobs really shortly and acquire their solutions as good.

Great communications accomplishments: – Sometimes, it surprises me that how can he has so good communicating accomplishments. As, I have seen many of his friends even like to portion their personal life every bit good and I was one of them, when I was in India.

He has a good accomplishment of carrying every bit good. He merely needs 10-15 proceedingss to carry anyone to state yes to run his concern at higher highs.

He has the ability to change over anything to his favor, somehow.

Attitudes: – If I talk about his attitude, he has some particular attitude that can be seen easy but believe me, it ‘s non so easy to follow personally.

As I mentioned before that he is a amusing cat who likes to hold fun even during the intervals of his work.

He is pity much unfastened minded and political every bit good. He ever ready to listen to anyone ‘s point of position and looks for good thoughts.

Always has the attitude that anything is possible and can be done by any possible agencies.

He is besides unbelieving.

Cognition: – He got good cognition in many facets and countries.

Good concern cognition: – Mr. Ravinder has got really good cognition of concern. He can manage concern really efficaciously as he ever looks for some opportunities to turn his concern. In relation to concern, he has cognition of ‘how to run a concern efficaciously ‘ and ‘how to maintain it running ‘ etc.

Good market cognition: – He has a deep cognition of the market gross revenues. He knows that which merchandise is acquiring good gross revenues in which portion of the metropolis.

Excellent communicating cognition: – This is the cognition that he knows how to carry anyone. As I know him personally every bit good, I can state you the ground behind his cognition and that is reading accomplishments. He has read book of Khera. i.e. You Can Win

Knowledge of competitory jobbers and stockist: – He knows his competitory rates of merchandises, their hired companies and their market country every bit good and he use d to alter some construction as good but merely sometimes. As he believes that completive thing should be when we are near to the top of others and it is used to keep our place at the top.

Situational factors of Leadership: –
There are different degrees at which a concern used to pull off like below given in falling order: –

Chief executive officer


Shop Director

Department Manager

Assistant Manager

Senior supervisors


Team leaders

Higher staff

Lower staff

As we say, there are many possible degrees of an administration but my selected leader ‘s administration is little and in entire 9 workers are working under tow stock gross revenues hops in to different countries of a metropolis and it has following pull offing degrees: –

6 Lower Staff: – In entire, there are six lower staff in tow franchises. Three in each franchise working as distributers. They used to roll up merchandises from company, maintain in the store and distributes further to the retail merchants.

Two Adjunct directors: – One in each store. This is the cat who maintains all paper work of the store. He receives orders from retail merchants and gives farther order to the company and gives way to his four workers to make their work efficaciously.

One director: – There is one director who used to mange two helper directors and he is the cat who is straight under the control of leader ( Ravinder ) .

So, this is the degree of the direction in this administration which can besides be describes with the aid of the undermentioned theoretical account: –

Business life rhythm: –
Now, allow us discourse the current phase of Ravinder ‘s concern. As we know, every concern has a life rhythm and its life rhythm at some times. Following given chart is explicating it in more item: –





In any concern, if we want to happen out the current phase of its life rhythm, we need to hold informations related to gross revenues. This is the easiest manner to happen out the concern ‘s life rhythm phase.

And during my interview, I had a opportunity to calculate out the gross revenues of Ravinder ‘s concern he said “ My concern sale is turning every bit compared to the last twelvemonth gross revenues and even last month gross revenues but non at a higher rate.

So, harmonizing to the shown graph this concern is at growing phase or more deeply at the starting of the growing phase.

This administration has a definite scheme to look up and that is given with vision, mission and intent of the administration below: –

Vision: – Excellence in supplying services to clients as a stockist.

Mission: – Mission is growing as a stockist

Purpose: – To go figure one stockist in gross revenues and services in the whole state and high quality services.

Scheme: –

Scheme of this administration is to function their clients ( consumers ) at their best because if they would be happy so so this administration will be.

Second, he used to make SWOT analysis of this administration at regular footing to cover with failings and travel for new chances.

Stakeholders: –
There are many stakeholders that this administration has and which are: –

Directors, Management staff, staff, Consumers, Customers, Suppliers, Companies or any other administration attached.

Contemplations on me: –
This leader ( Ravinder ) has a nice contemplation on me. As, I mentioned earlier, he is a amusing cat and nice hearted individual, he is of this nature.

But in a concern when some mistake or ruin comes, it is bit difficult to keep this type of nature or may be non so easy to convey alterations in the concern but he does it really good and about in a perfect manner.

I have so many things to larn signifier as a leader.

Leadership manner: – His leading manner is transformational as he motivates his ain squad members and no demand to advert that his base of leading is his communicating accomplishments and he is a end oriented individual. In the terminal, who analyse where we are and where we planned to be.

Lessons I have learned from him: –
Here are few lessons that I have learnt from him: –

Communication accomplishment: – Good communicating accomplishment is the thing that is required to hold great leading accomplishment like he has.

Goal: – There should be specific definite ends before we start and mean while and approx in the terminal, we should analyze what we have done and where we were incorrect like in SWOT analysis.

Make everything in a nice manner and take everyone with you.

Part – Bacillus: –
( I ) Change model – I: –
John Kotter ‘s 8 – stairss change theoretical account: –
Advantages: –

This theoretical account gives detail information about the procedure of alteration direction.

It besides includes internal factors into consideration like personal factors, emotional factors.

Disadvantages: –

This theoretical account is bit difficult to understand and same as to use in the concern.

It is non so serious about end and its aim of the administration as Lewin ‘s theoretical account does this.

Change Model – Two: –

Lewin ‘s alteration direction theoretical account: –
Advantages: –

This alteration theoretical account is so simple to understand and so easy to pull off.

It is a really rational and end oriented theoretical account.

Disadvantages: –

It does n’t take personal factors in consideration as they besides affect the alteration procedure.

This does n’t give complete information about the procedure of alteration as John Kotter ‘s theoretical account gives.

Change Model – Three: –

McKinsey 7S Model: –
Advantages: –

It see into all parts of the administration.

It can be applied to elements of a squad or undertakings every bit good.

Disadvantages: –

Practically talking, this procedure is bit drawn-out and non so easy to utilize when we need speedy determination.

It is non so easy to retrieve to take in pattern.

B 1 ( two )

Stairss of alteration theoretical account: –
To explicate the stairss includes in the alteration procedure, I am utilizing John Kotter ‘s 8 – stairss change theoretical account.

As there is merely one thing invariable in this universe and that is change itself. So, it is pity of import to understand these stairss and follow these stairss to hold a powerful and successful alteration.

So, stairss are: –

Create Urgency: – As a leader, we have to make urgency in the head of employee.

Form a powerful alliance: – After making urgency, it is of import to convert others that this alteration is a necessity and explicating non holding the drawbacks of alteration.

Create vision for alteration: – A clear vision will assist to understand that why we are working.

Communicate the vision: – Communicating vision will assist in motive and cognition sing end.

Remove obstruction: – If there is anyone who is defying alteration, he/she should be treated as an obstruction.

Create short-run wins: – To observe and hold good clip while we achieve our ends.

Construct on the alteration: – Keep doing betterments sing new constructs.

Anchor the alterations in corporate civilization.

Suggestions: –
There are few suggestions that can be given in order to utilize John Kotter ‘s alteration theoretical account.

One thing will be ever there and i.e. difficult work. We have to work hard and maintain looking for betterments.

Second, proper foundation and because of that implementing alteration would be much easier.

We have to hold forbearance.

Every measure of this alteration theoretical account is every bit of import as the other stairss.

Be careful during the procedure and after the procedure of alteration because there would be some pshcychological issues to work out.

During the procedure of alteration, we must see some cultural issues and they could come an terminal point without sing them.

Personally, I feel that making short-run wins and observing them with staff member is an of import measure for motive and we know that great motive can travel a paralysed individual every bit good like a miracle.

After traveling through each really carefully and in gratifying manner, so in the terminal, we can sit back and look the consequence of that alteration and enjoy while holding feedback.

B1 ( three )

Six grounds why people resist alteration: –
As there is a alteration procedure is traveling into the administration and things need to alter which they are holding from last 15 old ages.

It will be of import and helpful for new leader to understand that.

Why do people defy alteration: –

There are few grounds which are given below: –

Fear: – I personally believe chapeau this is the chief ground behind the opposition of alteration into people mind.

They have fright of losing money, web, power control, position.

By and large, about everyone is against or negative whatever is new or different.

A individual and an person does n’t demo involvement in that new thought or alteration because that individual already has few ends in his/her life.

That person does non understand the consequence of that alteration.

Trust issues can besides come estates while you are stand foring that alteration procedure.

Everyone has a touting and they all do everything harmonizing their wonts. It is truly difficult to interrupt the rhythm of ceaselessness.

B 1 ( IV )

I would wish to urge Lewin ‘s alteration direction theoretical account. This theoretical account has following three phases which explain the procedure of alteration: –

Unfreeze: – Dissolving involves stairss to find

What type of opportunity is required

Why we need it

Make the demand of alteration in other ‘s and owns eyes

Change: – This phase involves the communicating of alteration thought or procedure and affecting people in the procedure. It is besides of import to take obstructions.

Refreezes: – In this concluding phase, we develop figure of ways to prolong the alteration and that can be done by support looking for betterments.

Supplying support and preparation can besides assist in refreezing.

I recommended this theoretical account due to following grounds: –

Lewin ‘s theoretical account is so simple to understand.

This theoretical account besides so easy to pull off within an administration.

This theoretical account besides explains how to develop assurance in unfreezing phase and why to make that.

There are few advantages and some disadvantages of this alteration theoretical account explained below: –

Advantages: – some advantages of Lewin ‘s alteration theoretical account explained below: –

It is so simple to understand due to merely three apprehensible phases.

Lewin ‘s theoretical account is really rational, end and program oriented.

If we use this alteration theoretical account, it ‘s so easy to pull off within an administration.

Disadvantages: – Some disadvantages of Lewin ‘s alteration theoretical account explained below: –

It does n’t take personal factors in consideration as they besides affect the alteration procedure.

This does n’t give complete information about the procedure of alteration as John Kotter ‘s theoretical account gives.

It makes rational sense for alteration direction.

Role of the leader I this signifier of alteration: –
This theoretical account needs a special/unique type of leading manner and i.e.

Task – orientated leader: – This is the leading manner which is wholly task or end oriented and so as the alteration theoretical account of Lewin ‘s.

About this leading manner – ‘Task orientated leading manner ‘ construct was given by Fiedler in 1967 and modified by Rowly and Roevens in 1999.

They said that his type of leader focal points or dressed ores on the specific undertakings to acquire the already settled end.

Four illustration of alteration schemes that colleague adopts: –
There are few schemes which can be used by co-workers during the procedure of alteration: –

Communication Schemes: – As there would be some alteration in procedure. So, employees should hold good communicating within the administration between staff and direction.

It can be done by

The corporate intranet

Through a notice board

Electronic mails

Staff forums for the Chief executive officer

Asking aid or preparation from higher staff: – Colleague or employee should inquire for aid. There is a alteration traveling on, there would be some uncertainties in inheritor head which should be clear before they do any work. So, ask for aid and do things clear in head.

Try non doing errors and bettering continuously: – Employee should hold faith/trust in their leader. After all information being communicated, they should seek non to do errors and better their errors continuously, we know, there would be some errors anyhow.

Keep ourselves motivated towards the alteration and give regular feedback: – Employee should maintain them motivated towards the alteration and they should maintain giving feedback to higher direction about new alteration.

B2 –
I have chosen Bill Gates and Mohammad Ali as leader ad leader II

Leader 1
Bill Gates: –
Bill gates is co-founder, president and main executive officer of Microsoft Corporation.

He has a really alone leading manner which concern would hold ne’er seen before.

In a leading theoretical account, their place was like good delegates which have a belief in gifted workers. He would look in that place because he likes to hires merely brightest endowment available in the market and ne’er wants to given up on them.

Bill gates has two signifier of power which are following: –

Positional power: – this power is besides called legitimate power. I is the power of a individual because of the current places, he/she holds and responsibilities he/ she has.

Referent power: – This is 2nd power that measure gates has over their staff/ followings.

Coercive Power: – It involves penalty and withhold of wagess to act upon conformities.

There is few factors that may hold inflected their sweetening of love leading and factors are: –

Intelligent – He has great believe in intelligence and belives that he can accomplish anything from his intelligence.

Passion – He has an involvement in IT ( computing machines ) and he got to cognize this at the age of 13. He was so passionate about package.

These are those few grounds which have affected leading of Bill Gates.

Administration of Bill gates is of class really good known and that is ‘Microsoft ‘ .

It is an IT based company and it has its ain merchandises worldwide. It has merchandise like window XP, window7, MS office 2010, window adventurer 9 are universe celebrated and being used by about every personal computer user.

This type of administration inflected their leading as: –

There are so many inventions that have made during last 20years and so many yet to be made.

May be this demand of invention poured a characteristic in Bill Gates nature.

Their client demands is the chief key towards their services and merchandises.

Leader 2
Muhammad Ali: –
He was the lone professional pugilist to win the heavyweight pugilism title three times.

His passion as a leader in leading theoretical account was like a Charismatic leader. He has a great house of energy and he had the ability to convey that energy to his squad members and witnesss and non surprisingly to his opposition every bit good.

This type of leaders are truly committed to their work and ends.

Why is he has such place in leading theoretical account is really non a tough inquiry.

As we, all know that he was the greatest of all time indiviual to has great quickness energy and staying power that no other adult male of all time had before.

Forums of power: –

Muhammad Ali had chiefly one power as his ain over other ‘s head and i.e.

Referent power: – He had referent power that is tally based on abilities of an person to pull others and construct a feeling of trueness in others. It all based on their chrisma and interpersonal accomplishments.

There is merely few factors that have influenced his passage of leading: –

Beloved of Allah: – he had a deep belief in Allah and he was inspired from militant Malcolon X.

He had an feeling like “ Float like a butterfly, biting like a bee ” .

Passion for his work and ends

Muhammad Ali does n’t hold any administration but he had an country and that is packaging.

Boxing was his passion and his life. Nature of the country is energetic, hardworking, passionate, and determinate and these all qualities, he had.

He had difficult – working spirit in his life and he was ready to make anything for his passion.

Evaluation and comparing: –
As I mentioned,

Bill Gates was like a good delegate/ task- oriented cat in the leading theoretical account and Muhammad Ali was like a magnetic leader.

Both had a great passion for their ain trades or countries.

Both had some particular qualities due to that they have that particular type of leader place in leading theoretical account.

Form of power: –
As I mentioned earlier, Bill gates had three types of power that are: –

Positional power

Referent power

Coercive power

But Muhammad Ali has one power but it is similar to that Bill Gates had i.e. Referent Power. So, I think, Bill Gates was better every bit compared to Muhammad Ali ‘s power in respects to leading.

Both have some characteristic or factors which are responsible for their passage of leading manner.

Bill Gates has characteristic like intelligence and passion while Muhammad Ali has believed to Allah and passion for his work like Bill Gates.

Bill gates ‘s administration ‘s nature is demanding and need invention and that he did while Muhammad Ali ‘s administration ‘s nature is passion, difficult work and finding and these are the same qualities that Muhammad Ali had and that ‘s why both earned what they had today because they did what they wanted to make and IN the concluding analysis, they got what they WANTED.

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