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One of them is piano and the other one is harp. She met with pi anon while she was six; however, she started to play harp since she got acceptance from cons revelatory in 2005. Moreover, Coco loves to play “Gushing’ which is a traditional instrument NT for Chinese people. In their leisure time, Lila likes to spend her time with fashion blocks and magazines whereas Coco interested in biology and medical. She loves read AR tickles and make an observation about science.

While Lila swims and plays water polo, Co o loves swimming compared with other sports. It makes her happier. These two ladies s are also talented in speaking languages. Lila can speak more than one language as Co o can. While Ms. Tucking speak Turkish, Armenian, German and English, Ms. Lou also can speak Mandarin, English and Japanese. Unfortunately, they do not like same f odds. Coco enjoys eating Cantonese food and chicken. On the other hand, Lila mostly prep errs to eat fast food, especially burgers, pizza.

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Both of them love classic music. Classic m USIA feels hem comfortable and happy. Just one difference, Coco loves anima music an d Lila loves R. Tucking, Lou 3 Finally, their goals for the future education are totally different. Lila wants t o be a dietician and she plans to go to the University of Chester, which is located in U united Kingdom. She wants to be a successful student in nutrition and dietetics scours e and forth with it. In contrast, Coco determines that she will become a pharmacist because SE of the love of biology and medical.

She does not have a specific aim about the uneven sits however; she decides to learn Biomedical Science as her major course in the university. To one’s surprise, both Lila and Coco have same wish about their own family. OFF Lila hopes that she can have a wonderful family with happiness and affluence as same as Coco’s expectation. Lila would like to have children while Coco wants moor e. In general, one can see different and similar points in Lila and Coco’s future plan.

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