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Agent Orange And Dioxin Essay, Research Paper

In 1961, the United States began spraying weedkillers in its military run to defoliate

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the jungles of southern Vietnam. Mimicing Smokey Bear, American pilots chuckled

Remember, merely you can forestall woods, as they dropped weed slayers over mark sites.

But as research progressed, the true nature of the chemicals which they were spraying

came to visible radiation. It is surely no longer a riant affair when it is realized that Agent

Orange, a even mixture of 2,4, D and 2,4,5, T normally mixed with kerosine or Diesel

fuel, could be every bit lifelessly to worlds as it is to workss.

The military research of weedkillers day of the months back to World War II. A grant was provided

by the National Research Council to develop a chemical to destruct rice harvests in Japan.

2,4, D and 2,4,5, T was the consequence. A treatment between President Roosevelt and White

House Chief of Staff, Admiral William D. Leahy determined that this flagitious chemical

should non be used. But in 1961 President Kennedy signed two orders leting Agent

Orange to be used in Vietnam ( one to destruct harvests and the other to defoliate the

jungle ) . Defoliation stripped the jungle of flora. Left waste, it no longer provided

disguise for the Viet Cong, their supply paths and base cantonments would be more prone

to aerial onslaughts. Crop devastation denied the Communists of local nutrient beginnings. This

forced them to deviate more resources to supply and transport nutrients from other parts.

But merely as of import, harvest devastation besides weakened enemy morale and forced villagers

to travel to metropoliss where they could be more easy controlled.

The plan for spraying weedkillers over Vietnam was either called Operation Trail

Dust or Operation Ranch Hand. It began in 1961 and peaked from 1967 to 1969.

Assorted methods were employed to consistently spray these chemicals, which were

dispersed by aircraft, vehicle, boat, and hand-spraying. On land, they were used by

soldiers to unclutter the margins of their base cantonments. Riverboats were used to spray the

riversides. Most harm to the jungle was done by air. The Air Force Operation Ranch

Hand, as it was called, used C-123 lading aircrafts ( suppliers ) and choppers to drop the

bulk of the weedkillers. There were an estimated 19.4 million gallons dropped during

the Vietnam War, 60 per centum of which were Agent Orange. The mean C-123 aircraft

could dump eleven thousand lbs of agent orange over three hundred estates in four


There were many types of weedkillers used by the United States in Vietnam. Each was

named after the colour of the four inch set painted around the 55 gallon membranophones in

which it was contained: Agent White, Purple, Blue, Green, Pink and Orange.

The effects of the crop-dustings on the jungle were instantly recognizable. Estimates

show that six million estates or 20 per centum of the full land country of the democracy of

South Vietnam was covered with chemical toxicants. The President of South Vietnam,

Nguyen Van Thieu, announced that weedkillers had destroyed 23 per centum of

woods in his state. Scientists from the American Association for the Advancement of

Science who visited Vietnam in 1970 reported that bamboo had spread to repossess forest

floors that hardwoods one time claimed. About all trees of coastal Rhizophora mangles were destroyed

after one crop-dusting and were non expected to return to their normal provinces for at least one

hundred old ages. More than six thousand two hundred and 50 square stat mis of South

Vietnam still can non be farmed because of defoliation.

The effects of the weedkillers on worlds were less obvious. Agent Orange is a

mixture of two major compounds- 2,4, Dichlorophenoxy acetic acid and

2,4,5, Trichlorophenoxy acetic acid. By miming a natural works growing endocrine, auxin,

these weedkillers are able to bring on workss to turn themselves past their natural degrees of

tolerance. They were foremost used in the 1940 s in the United States to destruct weeds in

grain Fieldss, grazing lands and sod. By the 1960 s, these weedkillers had become an of import

method of commanding weeds. Unfortunately, it was unknown at that clip that Agent

Orange besides contained one of the most deadly compounds known to adult male, dioxin. It s

ironic that the dioxin that makes agent orange so lifelessly isn T even an intended portion of

the works slayer.

Dioxin by and large refers to a group of about 75 chemicals made of two

benzine rings with substituted Cls. They are byproducts in the industry of

Cl merchandises like Polychlorinated Biphenyl oils or the combustion of Cl containing

wastes such as PVC pipes. In the production of chlorophenoxy weedkillers, they were

unwanted chemicals that couldn t be removed. Dioxin is besides produced by cars

( chlorinated chemicals are intentionally added to fuels ) , steel Millss ( chlorinated dissolvers,

cutting oils and plastics are put into the furnaces ) , recycling smelters for Cu, lead,

and steel ( the merchandises recycled in them contain important measures of PVC, such as

overseas telegram coatings, battery shells, car constituents, and so on ) , sawmills ( usage of

pentachlorophenol as a wood preservative ) , risky waste incinerators ( burn

chlorinated dissolvers or, like those that Dow operates, burn voluminous wastes from the

industry of chlorinated plastics, pesticides, and other chemicals ) , cement kilns,

industrial untreated wood combustion, forest fires, and sewerage sludge incineration. Dioxin is

normally taken in by the consumption of beef, dairy merchandises, milk, poulet, porc, fish, eggs,

dirt and H2O.

The toxicity of the 75 different chlorinated dioxins and 135 different chlorinated

furans ( related household of compounds ) is extremely variable. The 2,3,7,8-TCDD

( Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin ) found in Agent Orange has been described as one of the

most toxic chemicals known to adult male, based on carnal surveies. However epidemiological

surveies of worlds exposed to this compound hold failed to once and for all impute

important wellness effects except chloracne at high doses. Other dioxins, such as

octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin ( OCDD ) , have really low toxicity.

A survey conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

( NIOSH ) on approximately three thousand five 100 workers from U.S. workss that used to

produced chemicals contaminated with TCDD confirmed old findings that high

exposure to TCDD resulted in important addition in malignant neoplastic disease deceases. NIOSH found an

mean addition in malignant neoplastic disease mortality of 13 per centum in the group and an addition of

60 per centum among workers with the highest degree of TCDD exposure.

The mechanism by which dioxin causes harm at the cellular degree is non precisely

known. It has been assumed that dioxin may be stored in fat cells and is activated by

internal emphasis to bring on chromosomal and cellular harm. Whatever the instance, the

toxicity of dioxin is unquestioned. Even at highly little degrees, it has been proven to

be a deathly toxicant. Animal surveies have shown that guinea hogs could decease by a individual

dosage that weighs less than a billionth of their organic structure weight. In mice and rats, low degrees

of dioxin have been reported to do reduced weight, lo

wered generative rate and

internal hemorrhaging. Surveies have found that, when given an unwritten dosage of 210 ng/kg

for 78 hebdomads, rats developed addition incidences in liver, difficult roof of the mouth, and lingua tumours.

In 1969, the extended usage of weedkillers was halted after a National Institute of Health

study concluded that dioxin caused spontaneous abortion in mice. The last weedkiller operation was

flown two old ages subsequently.

The surcease for the usage of weedkillers had come excessively late. By so, 1000s of

American soldiers and infinite Vietnamese villagers had already been exposed to dioxin.

Americans who came in contact with this toxicant included those who fought in the

jungles, patrolled the rivers by boat, or participated in the crop-dusting of weedkillers. Many

came place and were reported to hold high additions in unwellnesss that were highly

uncommon in the general population. In contrast to animal surveies, the cause and consequence

of dioxin on the veterans were non good determined because the sum of exposure is

hard to quantify among those who claimed to hold been illed by dioxin.

But the correlativity between dioxin and the reported unwellnesss are good documented.

The Institute of Medicine had found that there is sufficient grounds of a statistical

association between dioxin or weedkillers and soft tissue sarcoma ( tumours in musculuss, fat,

hempen tissues, and vass functioning these tissues every bit good as the peripheral nervous

system ) , non-Hodgkin s lymphoma ( tumours or expansion of the lymphnodes or lymph

secretory organs ) , Hodgkin s Disease ( expansion of the lymphnodes and lien which frequently

Begins in a cervical node on the side of the cervix and spreads through the organic structure ) ,

chloracne ( an acne signifier eruption caused by chlorine compounds ) , dioxin related liver

upsets, diabetes ( a assortment of upsets linked to high or low glucose degrees ) ,

deformities and other generative and developmental effects and endocrinal break

( malfunction of the hormonal system ) . In scientific footings, statistical association agencies

that there is an highly low chance, less than five per centum, that the events occurred

indiscriminately. A survey by the Center for Disease Control found that there is a 50 per centum

higher rate of non-Hodgkin s Lymphoma among Vietnam vets than vets who didn Ts serve

in Vietnam.

The Department of Veterans Affairs had provided particular compensation for those who

have become sick due to dioxin. Veterans who have chloracne, Hodgkin s disease, multiple

myeloma ( tumour usually found in bone marrow ) , non-Hodgkin s Lymphoma, porphyria

cutanea tarda ( a perturbation in haemoglobin which is indispensable to normal operation of

the cells and tissues of the organic structure ) , respiratory malignant neoplastic diseases, soft tissue sarcoma, ague and

subacute peripheral neuropathy ( unnatural alterations in the peripheral nervous system ) , and

prostate malignant neoplastic disease could measure up for monthly payments. The VA does non necessitate that

veterans prove that they were harmed by dioxin. It is assumed that all forces who

served in Vietnam have been exposed to it. The believed sum of clip for dioxin to

go forth the organic structure of course ( by either being metabolized or eliminated by normal biological

procedures ) is 8.7 human old ages ( determined by the Ranch Hand follow-up surveies ) .

Unlike their American opposite numbers, Vietnamese victims were exposed to dioxin on a

long term footing. It is believed that the chemicals remained on the land for 12

old ages. Each twelvemonth, monsoon rains would distribute the chemicals to uncontaminated countries by

blushing it into watercourses and rivers. Many wellness experts believe that dioxin is in the nutrient

concatenation of southern Vietnam. It is carried in imbibing H2O or by the fish caught in

contaminated watercourses. but comparatively small is known about the effects of dioxin on the

villagers that were sprayed on. In portion, this is due to their isolation from local

governments and infirmaries.

The Vietnamese veterans and their households, nevertheless, did register a category action suit

against seven chemical companies: Dow Chemical, Monsanto, Uniroyal, Hercules,

Diamond Shamrock, Thompson Chemical, and T.H. Agriculture. It was settled out of

tribunal in May 1984 for victims and households of those exposed to weedkillers for one-

hundred and eighty million dollars ( of which the attorneies got a reeling one hundred

million dollars & # 8230 ; travel figure ) . The sum given to the modification was hapless. For

illustration, A adult female whose hubby suffered, and finally died, go forthing her and three

kids was given merely over three thousand dollars. And another adult male who suffered from

a encephalon tumour and other weedkiller related diseases for over three old ages was given merely

one 1000 eight hundred and 60 dollars. And in another instance a platoon that

operated in a portion of Vietnam that had been to a great extent sprayed has had five of it s 20

members diagnosed as agony from dioxin toxic condition. That s 25 per centum. That s

five 100 per centum above that national norm for these types of upsets. This in

itself is chilling but the research worker was merely able to turn up six of the 20 members of

his platoon. How many of those that weren t contacted had similar symptoms? Veterans

state narrative after narrative of veterans who all of a sudden age. Their hair falls out in bunchs, what

remains turns white. They suffer from unusual nervus upsets, irritableness, weight loss,

paralysiss and eventually, decease. None of the five work forces found from that platoon were given any

sort of compensation from the Agent Orange Veteran Payment Program.

Possibly the most extended long-run harm of dioxin was done to the 2nd

coevals victims. It has been found that Vietnam veterans by and large have lower sperm

counts that those who didn t service in the war. In add-on, their kids have been more

prone to birth defects refering to the tegument, nervous system, bosom, kidneys and unwritten

clefts. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is four times more likely in those Borns to

Vietnamese veterans.

Difficult and premature births are a commonalty at the Tu Du Obstetrical and

Gynecological Hospital in Vietnam, which receives the majority of the patients who received

the largest sums of defoliants in Vietnam. A infirmary survey in 1987 found that 30

per centum of the 17 1000 babes delivered at the infirmary were either hard of

premature. The comparative rates of all south Vietnam is 10 per centum and for the whole

state, it is eight per centum.

Cases of birth defects are besides highly high at the infirmary. Here, babies born

without weaponries, legs, shoulders, and ears have all been found. Others have been born with

gross cleft roof of the mouths or were hydrocephalic ( H2O on the encephalon ) . In 1987 entirely, 40

babies suffered from nervous tubing defects ( abnormalcy of the fallopian tubing ) , 40 from

cleft roof of the mouths, and thirty-two from deformity or absence of weaponries and legs. Every twelvemonth

since 1975, the infirmary has been the site of five or more Thai twins. Doctors at

the hospital study that a distorted foetus is delivered every two to three yearss. A room at

the infirmary contains jars which store aborted and full foetuss with flagitious familial

defects. For us, they are reminders of what happens when one tinkers with female parent


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