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Entity relationship modeling is logical representation of the data for an organization or for a business area. The entity relationship model is expressed in terms of; l)entities in the business environment )the relationship among those entities 3)the attributes of both entities and their relationship. MOVE also can use Object-Oriented model. Traditional File processing system, but there are lots of disadvantages with this using this system.

Hospital can use information engineering i. E. A top-down information systems planning approach. 2. Do there appear to be any weak entities in the description of the Mountain View Community Hospital data requirements? If so, what are they? Answer: There is no such weak entity. However, treatment can be consider as week entity I. E. Treatment_old 1. Treatment Mum 2. Treatment_Name 3.

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What is the significance in developing an E-R diagram for Mountain View Community Hospital to the third entry the preceding list, which states that some patients are assigned to a bed, but outpatient are not assigned to bed? Answer:Some patient assigned to a bad, some of them don’t PATIENT has two subtypes In Patient (has relationship between Bed) Out Patient 4. Is Mountain View Community Hospital itself an entity type in a data model to represent its data requirements?

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